Our Company history.

In February 2018, I embarked on a journey that started with just one small printer, aiming to create parts for drones. My business, Morgan’s Custom 3D Printing, is deeply rooted in family values, being both owned and operated by my family. With five kids, two dogs, and two cats, our home office is often a hub of chaos and creativity. Despite the hustle and bustle, we’re united by a shared passion for the RC hobby, dedicating ourselves to providing functional parts to fellow enthusiasts at reasonable prices.

Balancing a bustling household with a growing business presents its unique set of challenges, but it also weaves a rich narrative into the fabric of our brand. The personal touch that comes from our family involvement is something I take pride in, and it’s a cornerstone of how we connect with our customers.

To continue growing and enhancing our business, I constantly explore new ways to engage with our community and improve our operations. Engaging with online forums and RC hobby communities has become a part of our routine, allowing us to share our journey, offer advice, and stay connected with the pulse of the hobbyist world. We also emphasize the customizability of our parts, working closely with customers to tailor our products to their specific needs.

Social media has become a vital tool for us, enabling us to showcase not just our products but the family-oriented and hobby-focused ethos behind our brand. Sharing moments of our family engaged in the RC hobby offers a glimpse into the passion that drives our business.

Staying ahead of trends and continuously exploring new product development are also critical. Our involvement in the hobby provides us with unique insights into the needs and desires of the community, guiding our innovation and product offerings.

I’ve also considered hosting workshops or webinars to share our knowledge and passion for 3D printing and the RC hobby, hoping to build a stronger, more engaged community around our brand. And as our business grows, finding ways to streamline our production process and explore new materials for better performance and cost-efficiency remains a top priority.

The journey of Morgan’s Custom 3D Printing is a testament to the blend of family, passion, and entrepreneurship. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, but our commitment to the RC hobby and to providing value to our community continues to be the driving force behind our work.

I want to thank my family for helping and putting up with the long hours we do to make this possible.