2022 Sponsored Pilots


I started flying when I got a umx for Christmas in 2010 and quickly mastered it. After mastering basic aerobatics, I started practicing 3d with foamies and any plane I could get my hands on. Now I fly anything I can fly, vintage aircraft, warbirds, sport, control line, but my main passion in the hobby is 3D freestyle and IMAC. I was invited to Camp Clover Creek, I have won many IMAC events such as 2016 basic in regionals. I go to the Toledo trade show every year since 2017. I go to Joe Nall every year since 2015 and I perform many demos at local events and joe nall electric line demo this year.

“Flyin” Ryan Mowery

I’m 37 years old from Granite City Illinois, About 10 minutes outside downtown St.Louis Mo. I have 2 kids and an awesome wife. I work in the automotive industry and have a serious addiction to R/C Models lol. I’ve been flying since 7 years old. I like to fly a variaty of aircraft and just have a passion for R/C modeling. I’ve dabled into a variaty of R/C events including IMAC, Patteren, Warbird, and freestyle over the last 30 years. I look forward to meeting new people at the 2022 events. Have a good 2022 flying season!!!

Clay Ricks

I’ve been obsessed with planes as long as a I can remember. I started flying RC in 2010. I’ve flown everything from umx foamies to giant scale gas. I primarily enjoy flying giant scale 3D planes. I’m starting to fly IMAC in 2022. I attend many events across Oklahoma and Texas and a few in other states. The RC hobby has been very rewarding to me and I intend to be in it for a very long time.

Tanner “Nak” Nakonechny

Hello! I’m Tanner ‘Nak’ Nakonechny and I have been flying since I was I 4 years old. I performed my first solo flight with an old school GWS biplane at age 5, and haven’t stopped flying anything I can get my hands on. I primarily fly large scale 3D Planes and Helicopters. I travel all over the Mid-West/Mid-South/South/North for events, so there’s a strong chance you’ll see me hogging the flight line once the sun goes down, and lights get turned on! I look forward to flying with everyone in 2022!
Remember: Fly Low, Fly Hard or Go Home!!!!!